Data we record

When you register as a PC-Horse user, we record your personal information in our user database. When using PC-Horse, we log in the start time of each of your PC-Horse sessions, which version of the program you are using,as well as usagestatistics. If you do not renew your PC-Horse license,thesedatain the user database will eventually be deleted according to our garbage collection policies.

When you order a PC-Horse license, a transaction object is created with your personal information, and when the purchase is complete, we create an invoice and a receipt. The transaction object with the corresponding invoice and receipt is not removed from our database.

When you pay a PC-Horse license by credit card, your credit card information is entered via a form managed by our authorized payment operator DIBS. Nowhere in the purchase process do we have access to your credit card information.

How your data is used

The user data in our database is used to control your access to feed analyses and to control which features of the PC-Horse application to access. Your e-mail address can be used to sendinformationabout PC-Horse products and features.

We never forward your email address to third parties of any kind. The information about your PC-Horse version is used internally to keep track of versions and, if applicable, to contact users with a request to upgrade.

When using the Webhorse function, data about submitted horses from thecustomer's website is stored temporarily for an agreed period of time after they have been retrieved by the customer. They are then deleted.

We handle your e-data in accordance with GDPR EU rules.